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ALMA INTERNATIONAL has a pledge to encourage and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and service since 2001

Alma's motto is "Integrity in Tourism"

Accordingly, our Tour Operator/Travel Agency has established some of the highest standards in the industry. We represent all facts, conditions & requirements relating to your trip or event, truthfully & accurately.

We believe that providing a high quality of service is a matter of ethics, it is a state of mind, and, a choice in respect of our customers, regardless of their budget.

ASSISTANCE : We believe craftsmen still exist. Let's make the Internet more human together.
Our dedicated Team will assist you in organizing your trip from the moment you submit your request till the end of your trip or event.

By having a specialist that directly helps you in choosing your hotel, we provide the best level of service of any hotel reservation website. If you desire, we can also give you tips about restaurants, activities & places to visit outside the usual touristic sites.

One phone call or one email & Alma International assures that your comfort and needs will be met !